In the market for a trademark law firm?  Keep it simple by thinking like a consumer and try to find the best quality lawyer or trademark law firm at the most competitive price.  In choosing a trademark lawyer, be mindful to take into account the following factors:

  • What is their trademark clearance and prosecution experience before the USPTO?
  • Do they charge a flat-fee for their trademark lawyer services or is it hourly-based?
  • Does the trademark lawyer  place a limit on what he or she will charge for their trademark services?
  • What is their litigation experience?
  • Do they place an emphasis on conflict resolution?
  • Are they willing to discuss alternative fee arrangements?
  • Do they have litigation experience before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board?
  • Have they ever represented a client  in bringing or defending a Notice of Opposition?
  • Have they ever represented a client in bringing or defending a Petition for Cancellation?