The impact of COVID-19 TTAB filing activities is still too soon to tell.   But recent TTAB statistics provide a glance as compared to YTD activities from the preceding yearly period.

TTAB filings from October 2019 through March 2020 are summarized below.  The percentage change over the same period in 2019 is reflected in parentheses:

  • Trademark oppositions filed:   3,480   (N.A.)
  • Trademark cancellations: 1, 286 (+6%)
  • Extensions of time to oppose: 9,694 (-5.4%)
  • Appeals: 1,666 (N.A.)

Of note is the increase in the length of time and number of cases awaiting final decision:

  • Average pendency of appeals:  15.7 weeks (+23.6%)
  • Cases decided:  301 (-7.5%)
  • Average pendency of trials: 20.4 weeks (+33 %)
  • Awaiting decision at end of period 211 (+2.4%)
  • Cases ready for decision: 321 (-13.7%)

Our summary of 2019 TTAB filing statistics may be found here.   We will have to wait a few months to receive updated statistics on the full impact of COVID-19 on trademark opposition and trademark cancellation filings.