A recent survey of global companies found that trademark infringement is on the rise.   The survey was conducted by Compumark, a leader in trademark research and brand protection solutions.   Despite the fact that 80 percent of the executives polled believe that trademark infringement is a growing problem, only fifty percent admitted to having comprehensive

A commonplace practice of medical patients is growing in popularity with the trademark departments of companies throughout the United States — the legal second opinion.

With companies demanding more from outside trademark law firms, second legal opinions simply make sense. According to a Chicago medical malpractice lawyer, it has been estimated that approximately 40%

Managing a trademark portfolio continues to present unique and often complex challenges for inhouse counsel and trademark administrators.  Professional organizations such as the International Trademark Association (INTA) and Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) provide excellent networking opportunities and educational materials for in-house personnel to share best practices to help make their jobs easier.  In addition,

The failure to protect valuable brand names can lead to loss of competitive advantage.  Since most companies intangible assets are valued greater than their physical assets and inventory, the importance of trademark protection is becoming more apparent to corporate leaders.

Case in point?  The highly competitive beverage industry.

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