U.S. Trademark application filings are steadily on the rise, according to 2013 year-end figures released by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Electric and scientific apparatus goods in International Class 9 continue to be the leading class of goods for which U.S. trademark protection is being sought in the Trademark Office, with Advertising and Business services in International Class 35 the most popular Class for service mark filings.

Highlights of top 2013 U.S. trademark application filings include the following:

Most Popular: U.S. Trademark Goods

  • Class 9 (electric/scientific): 47,625 trademark applications representing 10.9% of overall filings
  • Class 25 (clothing/apparel): 33,565 trademark applications representing 7.5% of overall filings
  • Class 16 (paper/printing): 14,957 trademark applications representing 3.7% of overall filings
  • Goods subtotal: 255,400 trademark applications representing 57.8% of overall annual trademark filings

Most Popular: U.S. Trademark Services

  • Class 35 (advertising/business): 43,885 trademark applications representing 10.6% of overall filings
  • Class 41 (education/entertainment): 40,226 trademark applications representing 9.5% of overall filings
  • Class 42 (computer/scientific/legal): 25,937 trademark applications representing 6.0% of overall filings
  • Services subtotal:  177,222 trademark applications representing 42% of overall annual trademark filings

The total number of U.S. trademark applications filed in 2013 saw an increase over 2012 figures, with the annual totals being 433,360 and 414,649 respectively.

The increase in U.S. trademark application filings corresponds with the increase in U.S. trademark opposition and cancellation filings over the same period, which were summarized in a recent posting found in this publication regarding 2013 U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board activity.