Trademark applicants who are faced with a notice of trademark opposition have many online resources available to them in order to better acquaint themselves with the various statutes and rules that govern trademark opposition proceedings.  

The United States Patent and Trademark Office website is the first and primary resource for learning about trade Mark oppositions. 

Contacting a trademark opposition lawyer for a free initial consultation is another prudent course of action.

Trademark oppositions are heard before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Each and every party, whether an applicant or opposer, must follow specific and detailed trademark rules found in the code of federal regulations (CFR) and set forth in the Trademark Board Manual of Procedure (TBMP). The TBMP contains mutliple chapters and subsections of rules pertaining to trademark opposition disputes. Chapters include some of the following subject areas:

1. General information
2. How to file an extension of time to oppose
3. Pleadings
4. Discovery
5. Stipulations and motions
6. Withdrawal; settlement
7. Trial procedure and evidence
8. Trial briefs and final decision

Each of the above chapters pertain to specific procedural phases of a trademark opposition case. The three major phases consist of pleadings, discovery, and trial. At each level of a trademark opposition case, there are numerous procedural and substantive requirements that must be met. While the Trademark Board permits individuals to represent themselves in a trademark opposition matter, it has very little patience for parties who fail to consistently follow the rules.

When faced with a notice of trademark opposition, it is advisable to immediately contact an experienced trademark opposition lawyer to review your case and discuss your rights and options moving forward. 

Speaking with a trademark notice of opposition attorney is often free for the first conversation. 

During this conversation, be sure to ask about the trademark lawyer fees and whether they will represent you for a flat fee rather than on an hourly basis.

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