In choosing a trademark lawyer to handle your trademark infringement, trademark opposition or trademark cancellation matter, you should first satisfy yourself that they the particular trademark attorney or trademark law firm has the experience to handle your case.  Certain factors that will help guide your decision may include:

  • years of experience
  • types of clients
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board litigation experience
  • District Court litigation experience (if applicable)
  • Settlement and Dispute Resolution experience

Once you determine that a trademark attorney is a good candidate to represent you, the question that follows is equally important: how much do they charge for your services?  To negotiate the best rates, always ask the following questions:

  • do you charge flat-fees for your trademark legal services?
  • if you do not charge a flat-fee, will you place a dollar-cap on your fees?
  • If you charge by the hour, how does your hourly rate compare to other attorneys in the area?

Before you retain a trademark lawyer to handle your case, feel free to contact me at (203) 244-4264 or email me at to discuss any questions that you may have about the process.